New Release June 2020

Bruce is a Chef: his professional background includes three decades as a published, televised and awarded chef in Texas, San Francisco and Ontario; a decade as a successful restaurateur; a long-time local and organic foods advocate and activist as a founding director of the Kemptville Farmers’ Market and as the General Manager of Two Rivers Food Hub, and as the Product Development Chef for Ottawa’s Natural Food Pantry chain. He is currently sharing the knowledge and skills gained from this life-long vocation as a writer/researcher for Gusto TV, a food and lifestyle network based in Ottawa with world-wide distribution.

bruce garnet gunning
With Chris White, Garnet Rogers, Dave Gunning at 2015 Ottawa Grassroots Festival
July 2015 Kemptville Live Music Festival

Bruce is a Musician: he is a singer-songwriter and front-man for Kemptville, Ontario’s LARGEST band, The Burning Sensations. As a musician he has shared a core member with Austin’s infamous …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, he has written, performed and released more than 3 full albums of original material.  He has shared stages with folk legends like Garnet Rogers and Dave Gunning and even opened for Canada’s favourite alt-country combo Blue Rodeo at the 2015 Kemptville Live Music Festival.

Bruce is an Author: in addition to studying play-writing as a Theatre major at Texas A&M with Pulitzer Prize Winner Charles Gordone— Bruce has written not just songs and recipes, but also numerous stories, essays, news articles and newsletters for his own businesses, organizations and more. Follow this link or click on ‘Author’ in the top menu to read his unpublished story collection/memoir about his many years in in the trenches on his way to becoming a chef and local foods activist. As noted, he is currently employed a writer/researcher for Gusto TV.

bruce and bruce
With Bruce Cockburn

Bruce has had a varied and interesting life and career– from his early days in an Austin music scene that somehow had room for both Willie Nelson and The Butthole Surfers to travels and a career of cooking for celebrities and heads of state, to recent days where his interest and activism in the world of local foods has lead him to be a part of helping to change the very way we have access to local, healthy and sustainable food… At the end it is difficult to sum him up beyond saying that he has lived…

and has stories to tell…

Contact Bruce at bruce.eric.enloe@gmail.com, for music booking contact bruceenloemusic@gmail.com. Contribute to Bruce’s art directly at paypal.me/bruceenloe

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