Musically Musings…

Well yeah… I haven’t really looped you in recently.  But here is the news at the moment:

Ben Mullin and I are hard at work on not one but TWO new albums; by the time this batch of tunes made it to the studio it had become too cumbersome for a single record.  The difficult decision was made to sift through the collected creations and sort out two piles of songs, the first ‘pile’, A Perfect Cliché, are the ‘weird’ ones.  The experimental, the oddball, the off the wall.  Some of these have been around since before bonfire, but most of them have been written recently and mark a new direction in both my playing and composing… more personal than ever and sonically hearkening back to my indie and noise rock roots.  Here’s the draft cover art:

A Perfect Cliche

The next ‘pile’ is the long promised ‘Escape Plan’– this will be the full band record of more straight ahead rockers, the alt a-country-cana and silly, fun songs that made up the first two records.  Here’s what that will look like on your playlist:

The Escape Plan

I am holding off on booking any major shows this year until these two projects are COMPLETE and RELEASED.

But that doesn’t mean I’m in hiding… I have recently started co-hosting the bi-weekly Tuesday Night Scene songwriter’s event at Geronimo Coffee in downtown Kemptville, I am playing in Bishops Mills on Saturday April 7 for a fundraiser to support the Community Hall (sharing the bill with Andre Courtemanche) and I will also be playing at the Sustainability Fair and at a couple of Farmers’ Markets in the coming months. (watch the calendar for more info…)

But I guess what I’m saying is don’t look for me in Ottawa or the surrounding burgs for a bit… I’ve got a bit of work close to home to catch up on.

See you soon and stay tuned!



Upcoming Show: January 4, The Garnet in Peterborough, ON with Mary-Kate Edwards and Shawn Yakimovich

garnet poster (1)

Warm Tunes for a Cold Winter Night –

Bruce Enloe: Enjoy crafted and crafty lyrics, heartfelt and occasionally catchy songs that ramble over genres, migrate through the minefields of sensitive subjects, and sometimes giggle through the silly side of the same… There are stories and story songs from the interesting life of the well traveled, adventure-steeped driver at the six-stringed steering wheel of your evening… Trust him, he knows the way home.

Bruce will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Yakimovich.

Mary-Kate Edwards: “With deeply personal lyrics and a soft yet intense vocal delivery, Mary-Kate has been writing music since she was five years old. As the daughter of a writer and a musician, words and music has always been a major part of Mary-Kate’s life.
“I’m a poet before I’m a musician,” she says. “I’ve been writing poetry since a really young age. It’s always something I did. My dad is a writer as well, so I was always inspired by him, and my mom is a musician.”


Saturday, September 16: Marvest/CityFolk, Ottawa– Free showcases in the Glebe

  • 2:00 pm- Farm Team Cookhouse, 683 Bank Street
  • 3:30 pm- Kunstadt Sports, 680 Bank Street


Saturday, Sept 17: Kemptville Farmers’ Market- 1-3 pm: 200 Saunders, Kemptville

Friday, September 22: Batstone’s Northern Ramble, with Low Country Hill

SSLowBruce (1).jpg

Saturday, September 23: Harvest Goat Festival, Merrickville

Sunday, September 24: PRESSED with Low Country Hill, Gladstone Ave, Ottawa