Coming Up:

Sunday April 23:

North Grenville Sustainability Fair– I’ll be going on at 2pm…  NG Municipal Centre – Hwy 44, free!

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Sunday (April 23) at 4pm, I’ll be hosting the Open Mic at WAG Cafe & Pet Lounge:

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May 6– At the Black Irish with Greg Kelly and Howie Hooper:

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WAG the Open Mic!


Hey Folks– This Sunday I will be hosting this open mic in The Glebe (WAG Cafe and Pet Lounge, 1071 Bank St) at Ottawa’s first (and only?) dog-friendly cafe, the WAG Cafe!  Here’s some info:

The Open Mic is hosted by Bruce Enloe, former chef/owner of The Branch Restaurant in Kemptville and a frequent host of that venue’s popular, long-running open mic, jam and songwriting events… Bruce has written music and performed live since the mid 1980’s in Texas and California before moving to Ontario in 2006.

The WAG Open Mic is a weekly event running since in February 2017 and is open to musicians of all ages and skill levels– performers are asked to sign up early and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, as time allows.  Sets are three-four songs each, as time allows.  Bruce will open and close the event with a short set…

The Open Mic is family (and canine pet!) friendly event with no cover charge– participants and visitors are strongly encouraged to support the venue by enjoying the excellent selection of coffees, teas, snacks and other treats like locally produced Loon Kombucha, available on tap!

check out even more info here:

Hot Rod Rock & Roll Christmas

Year 5 and Track 5 of my 10 year project to complete the perfect Christmas Album– Also my Christmas present to YOU! I hope it fits, but just in case I kept the receipt if you need it.

Written and sung by Bruce “Skid Mark” Enloe– Backing tracks, guitars, vocals & production; Ben “The Carburetor” Mullin– The world’s greatest piano lead by Christo “Greased Lightning” Graham…

You can even PAY for it if you want to!