Release Day!

New Release June 4, 2021 – A Perfect Cliché – De-Lucked Addition (expanded re-issue with linking narrative) now available exclusively on bandcamp (digitally) or limited edition cassette from Surkeus Records

For those who have not heard yet, I’ve recently been added to the artist roster of the Victoria, BC-based Surkeus record label… to introduce my music to this new crop of ears, we are releasing/re-releasing my 2019 concept album A Perfect Cliché, expanded for the first time with its originally intended linking narrative elements as performed by Newmanville’s own Stephen Fuller (founder of the Goat Festival, etc.)

The release is primarily a limited run on cassette, but for the un-taped (un-spooled?), I have also uploaded the full version on bandcamp for your listening (and purchasing, should you be so inclined…) pleasure… This song cycle was always intended to be an old-school ‘headphone’ music experience, in the style of the classic albums that helped me fall in love with music some many moons ago. For best results, our crack team of dedicated scientists recommend ingesting the program in a single sitting with, perhaps, some other aids as needed, such as: a stick of jasmine incense, a tall melty candle, a glass of something relaxing and wet, a pair of the big clunky style of comfy headphones, a bean bag chair/hammock/wicker bowl chair, a lava lamp, a black light (with poster), a basement with wood paneled walls, and, if needed, any other ingestible or inhalable mood enhancers as are allowed by the laws and/or customs of your current domestic proximity…

Special thanks to Ben Mullin, first and foremost, this is his album too… if you are listening and thinking ‘whoa that sounds really cool’ there’s an 82.7% chance that Ben is the reason. The other musician contributors include Doug Hendry, Amanda Giles (aka Thrum Mother), Josh Hofman, John Dillabough, and the immortal Keith Glass.

I’m also grateful to Josef Mieto for inviting me to run away to the Surkeus, the reason I finally got around to ‘finishing’ the project.

And lastly, I’m very pleased to finally add Stephen Fuller’s name to the credits… His narration has languished in an almost forgotten shared google drive folder all these many years waiting for its chance to finally shine… shine away I say! Shine on! It was never all for not!