Sandwich Club with Bruce and Zac (a podcast)

A podcast from two insane food nerds talking about the science, history, theory, and lore of dumb stuff like sandwiches and French fries… Bruce is a (former) pro chef and has written and researched for numerous food television shows. Same with Zac.

You’re on Bruce’s website, so you probably already know about him. Zac’s website is here:

Episode 2 – Fried Chicken – so I guess we only do episodes about fried stuff. Yep. This time? It’s chicken. So why did we even call it sandwich club? Who knows?? Freakin’ weirdos.

Episode 1 – French Fries – is not about a sandwich. It is about French Fries. It is not researched or necessarily even correct, it’s just two guys who sit around doing food research all day AND who have also both worked in dozens of kitchens (each) having an off the cuff conversation about… you guessed it… French Fries. If you like it, let us know and we’ll make more, my email is