Sandwich Club with Bruce and Zac (a podcast)

A podcast from two insane food nerds talking about the science, history, theory, and lore of dumb stuff like sandwiches and French fries… Bruce is a (former) pro chef and has written and researched for numerous food television shows. Same with Zac.

You’re on Bruce’s website, so you probably already know about him. Zac’s website is here:

Welcome to Season 2! Join yer favourite food fellers as they plunge into a free-range (or is it just cage free?) conversation about, well, the podcast mostly… with a few digressions into things like Peking Duck, crawfish boils, Paella, and, uh, sandwiches? This episode has got thrills and chills, ambient noise, monsters, and antelopes, or maybe not, except for the ambient noise part since some of it was recorded at the Hintonburg Public House (…hi Matt!).
What do you want to hear this season? Who do you want to join us as a guest? What topics should we cover? Questions!!
Have a sandwich, think about it and let us know.
Love you, call me when you get there…
Bruce and Zac

Episode 11 – Don’t Have a Cow! Vegetarian junk food has come a long way since those halcyon days of sawdust textured and lentil flavoured fake meats and cheeses… But how far is too far? In this ep, Bruce (a former professional vegan) and Zac (who went without meat for almost a whole afternoon once) are joined by Josh Zuckerbrot, a lifelong vegetarian and friend of the podcast to discuss the real lives of everyday meatless eaters… For some reason they talk about McDonald’s… again… along with all the other greasy and easy treats a vegetarian sandwich club eater might love… Shoutouts to the tofu marketing board (you’ll wanna hear these pitches…), Yves, the CEO of McD’s and a few other brands, and a couple of ‘less than flattering’ reviews of one or 2 as well… Uh-oh. Controversy alert!! (I mean, if it makes you tune in, we’ll take it…) 

Special props also to our pal Ben McGrath for the new ‘announcer voice’ intro… In the words of several pretending-to-be-interested ‘listeners’ – “Hey, it’s almost like a real podcast!”     

Episode 10 – The Dawn of the Nachos: Folks, this is definitely… nacho… average sandwich podcast. That’s right, this time Bruce and Zac and special guest Dawn Blok are talking about the kind of sandwich that is made of layered corn chips, melted cheese, peppers, onions and baked or broiled until golden and served with, uh, dips and stuff… I mean, that’s a sandwich right? Well ok, maybe it’s not a sandwich. Fine. We promise we will get to actual sandwiches eventually. Next time for sure. Probably. Either way, you should listen in as always for how-tos, hacks, stories, a little lore and science, and a whole lot of silliness. And especially for Bruce’s description of the legendary “Dan-o” or “Danza” a one-of-a-kind cheeseburgerspaghettipoutinenacho invented as a birthday dinner for his former restaurant employee, Daniel MacNaughton.
(with apologies for sound quality issues…)

Episode 9 – Pizza Dese: The fellas are on their best behaviour with special guest Alex Pfeifer, a co-worker and fellow pizza enthusiast who is only mildly annoyed that no pizza was provided for the recording session. Pretty sure he misunderstood. I mean the invitation clearly said ‘come hang in our office for pizza’, not ‘to eat pizza’ or ‘we’re gonna buy pizza’ or something like that. Anyway, tune in for thoughts, anecdotes, convo, and more about pretty much everyone’s favourite party pie; get ready for hacks for amping up your frozen pizza, some favourite pizza memories, nerdy stuff about dough hydration, and at least one incredibly startling revelation about Alex’s ‘interesting’ eating habits. And sandwiches. Possibly.

Episode 8 – SizZacler’s: This is an episode especially for all you billions of trillions of folks out there constantly wondering ‘what if Zac got to did a restaurant menu?’ but, like, instead of getting to think about it he was blindsided by the question and had to come up with the entire menu on the spot… In fact, that’s exactly what this episode is. Also included: information about what size animal Zac would like to be eaten by… and other stuff… Mostly just some yummy food talk and a few silly moments. Like usual. 
Eat something already! Have a sandwich! Join the club!

Episode 7 – Schmauthentic: From chili with beans to ketchup on poutine… to what’s on Bruce and Zac’s bad restaurant Bingo cards… It’s another very special episode of Sandwich Club with Bruce and Zac, the sandwich podcasts that is probably going to talk about sandwiches someday. Maybe. 

Episode 6 – The Most Important Sandwich of the Day: Bruce and Zac (and returning pal, celebrity chef Matt Eng) discuss breakfast. You know… eggs, and, uh, eggs… and stuff. There is also some talk about meats, cereal, pastry, and breads, and maybe even some conversation about how when you put some things between bread they become… uh… somethings? Whatchamacallems? Howsit-wiches? But mostly it’s just three dudes on their lunch break from creating food content, talking about food. And, uh, creating content. But, you know, like, totally different from the other stuff we, uh, get paid to do. 
So… Sandwich Club!! 

Episode 5 – Loafin’ Around: A whole episode about bread? Does that mean they finally talk about the eponymous assemblage for which this club has been formed to honour? Surely!! Or… do our unlikely hero-chomping heroes adhere to the ‘first rule of sandwich club’ and carry on as if this show didn’t have a big ol’ BLT emblazoned on it’s heralded crest? Well, if you guessed ‘they never quite get around to it…’ you’d probably be collecting your winnings about now. Meager winnings I’d suspect. I mean who would actually bet on a random dumb podcast where people blather about food on their lunch break from a day spent writing about food? 
TL;DS (Too Long; Didn’t Sandwich, obviously…) This episode is about bread. Matt Eng is back and we also hear from Ben McGrath and Kate Gusto (née Derrick).  Ask Zac about his pets. 

Episode 4 – Mother Mayo: Still not talking about sandwiches… but getting closer? Like, um, stuff you put on sandwiches? Join Bruce, Zac, and special guest celebrity chef (sort of) Matt Eng for a conversation about, and an homage to, the mystic creamy condiment that graces everything from the aforementioned sandwiches to, uh, salads that go on sandwiches and even, um, other mayonnaises? At least according to Zac (who really loves mayo). This goofy fourth ever Sandwich Club with Bruce and Zac episode also includes things like recipes (kind of), jokes, thoughts, and even musings! Trigger warning: this episode also mentions Miracle Whip. More than once. 

Special thanks to ‘Lil D’ (aka Dawn Blok) for the topic suggestion. 

Episode 3 – ‘The McZac’ – the fellas are joined by the legendary Matt Eng, Executive Chef at Gusto, who poses a question about the ultimate McDonalds new menu item for each of the Sandwich Clubsters… mayhem ensues!! And/or, a mildly interesting conversation about McD’s in general ranging from an imaginary McHotdog, a possible McBrisket, to drugs and boners. As usual. Ben McGrath, a random passer-by, joins the melee at some point and makes some excellent points about something. Not to be missed! Blah blah blah, Sandwich Club! It’s an… uh… podcast!!

Love you, call me when you get there…

Bruce and Zac

Episode 2 – Fried Chicken – so I guess we only do episodes about fried stuff. Yep. This time? It’s chicken. So why did we even call it sandwich club? Who knows?? Freakin’ weirdos.

Episode 1 – French Fries – is not about a sandwich. It is about French Fries. It is not researched or necessarily even correct, it’s just two guys who sit around doing food research all day AND who have also both worked in dozens of kitchens (each) having an off the cuff conversation about… you guessed it… French Fries. If you like it, let us know and we’ll make more, my email is