The Escape Plan

The songs for The Escape Plan were written and conceived as ‘Book II’ of, or ’Part II’ to my 2019 album A Perfect Cliché. It has (perhaps unsurprisingly…?) been a slow process… Originally intended as a studio album with the full band, I instead took on the recording process myself (except for a few drum loops that I sourced from various free sources on the internet…) Thanks in part to the steep learning curve, the process has been started and aborted a few times, with widely varying results. This collection represents a weird, eclectic cross section of the best (or at least most interesting) of the varied approaches to the project, and ranges stylistically from excessive, densely multitracked psychedelia, to simple ‘boy plus guitar’ acoustic takes… Upon revisiting the multiple attempts, I realized that the mishmash of ideas work together as a musical pastiche or collage.

The songs and lyrics cover themes of transition, growth, escape (obviously…), art, and even spirituality. The narrative (see ‘lyrics’ in the drop-down menu above), follows the story of a ‘lost song’ and a quest to recover both the song and the freedom it represents. The conclusion? The only true escape we can expect is creative expression as an end unto itself… or maybe forgiveness… or something like that…

“And in the end, I will forgive myself, and learn to love again…”