Hi folks– May is looking like a pretty good month to see your friendly neighbourhood song-slinger at a venue near you… time to pull out your trusty old folded paper map, compass and sextant and to have a look-see at which stop is nearest to you..

May 18 — Musiikki Café, 73 Brock St, Kingston, 5-7pm, Matinee Show – (tip jar) — come early for a happy hour helping of tunes and still make your dinner reservation at one Kingston’s amazing dinner spots…

May 19 — Kemptville Farmers’ Market – 200 Sanders Street, 12-4pm, AND FRIENDS (including a Burning Sensation or two)– Join us for this free VegStock throwback set at this season’s Kemptville Farmers’ Market opening day event– other acts include Fiddlehead Stew (members of Fiddlehead Soup and the Heroic Mad Peasants) and a headline performance by none other than the legendary Keith Glass!!

May 25 — The Garnet, 231 Hunter St, Peterborough, 8pm $10/pwyc. I will be joined for this show by the whimsical Poet of Peterborough, Mary-Kate Edwards for an evening of lyrical mayhem…

Mary-Kate Edwards: “With deeply personal lyrics and a soft yet intense vocal delivery, Mary-Kate has been writing music since she was five years old. As the daughter of a writer and a musician, words and music has always been a major part of Mary-Kate’s life.
“I’m a poet before I’m a musician,” she says. “I’ve been writing poetry since a really young age. It’s always something I did. My dad is a writer as well, so I was always inspired by him, and my mom is a musician.”

See one near you or at least worth the drive? I certainly hope so– I can’t wait to see all of you out on the road…


April 6: Bruce at Moose


Hi Folks!

Next Saturday (April 6) I am playing with Greg Kelly for the first time in way too long at his super fun Saturday songwriter’s showcase, Tunes after Noon, presented at Moose McGuire’s pub… If you are in Ottawa and want to hear some live stuff in a listening room, this could be the moment! I will have copies of the latest cd, A Perfect Cliché, on hand for those who are interested.

April 6 – 1-3pm, Tunes after Noon, Moose McGuire’s pub:
3320 McCarthy Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 0X3

photo credit Brian Cote — This is me and Greg a few years back… After seeing this photo, we briefly considered starting a band called ‘Objects in Mirrors’ 😉

Also coming up– April 20 is a show in Wakefield at Kaffe 1870– Doug Hendry and his pal Libby Hortop are joining me for that one — here is a graphic for that that I spent way too much time on:

There are a number of Farmers’ Markets dates starting to roll in… just check out the calendar on the website if you are curious about those; I am starting to settle on some ideas for a blog series doing ‘reviews’ of each of the market gigs with a story, a song and a recipe for each date… it will be an email based blog so if you would like to join up, send me your email address here to subscribe:

Coming Up!

Hi all–

First signs of Spring are that I’ve spent the weekend working on booking musicians to play at the Kemptville Farmers’ Market music for this season (looks like I’m back on the board!) and also looking for Farmers’ Markets to play myself–I suppose it would be easier if I just played Kemptville every weekend… but… (wink)

In all seriousness, I have to admit that over the last couple of years, these market music gigs have slowly but surely become my favourite ones… I mean, it is kinda the best of all worlds for someone of my particular set of predilections; local food, farmers, (often friends) a bit of travel but not too much, a warm happy and generally receptive audience, early in, early out… It’s a pretty swell side hustle, all things considered. I’m starting to enjoy it so much that I’m even thinking of starting a blog this season about the various markets I visit… maybe just a couple of paragraphs talking about my favourite treats from each stop, a couple of pictures, highlights… I mean, I’m going there anyway, it could be a fun way to share the experience… So, look for that.

In more current news, I’ve got a couple of shows coming up next month:

Saturday, April 6Moose McGuires, 1pm:

I am playing at the famous Tunes After Noon showcase with host Greg Kelly: Greg has been hosting this songwriter series at various venues for several years now– the current landing spot is Moose McGuires (3320 McCarthy Road, Ottawa) Greg is a dear pal who sang on my first record and we always have a smile for each other… The show starts ‘After Noon’ believe it or not, at 1 pm. We would love to see you Ottawa folks there…

Saturday, April 20 — Kaffe 1870

I’m happy to return next month to a favourite Quebec venue… for this gig I will have Fiddlehead Souperstar Doug Hendry along for help on the harmonies and to call the dances. Libby Hortop will be opening the evening:

“In 2014, Libby Hortop bought an Autoharp off Kijiji on a whim and began writing songs in the simplest, most uninhibited way possible. Her music is one part earnest and one part wise, like that of her inspirations, Joni Mitchell and Joanna Newsom. Libby’s future ambitions include writing for hammered dulcimer and penning French lyrics. She can often be found wandering the woods of Gatineau Park.”

In a final note:

I do have a limited supply of ‘dupes’ (no frills cd copies) of the new album, A Perfect Cliché, for those who aren’t doing the download thing yet… I am happy to mail one to you if you will do two things–

  • Send an email to with your full mailing address, and:
  • E-transfer me $10 to cover the cost of the cd and the postage (more is welcome, but that will cover my costs…).

You can also scroll down on any page on the website and click the ‘Tip Jar’ button to send cash through PayPal if that is easier. Or stop by my house or work, I’ll keep a couple handy in case I see I you. Let me know if you’d like the first album, a bumper sticker or a t-shirt while you are at it and I can mail that your way as well…

One month later…

Hi folks– It’s been about a month since I unleashed, er, um, RE-leased my third full length album ‘A Perfect Cliché’ to the world– I’m sure you’ve all heard it by now, but just in case I missed anyone, here it is on Spotify for you to enjoy! Click here for Spotify (…other links here: A Perfect Cliché)

I’ve also got a couple or three upcoming shows to announce:

  • March 2, 8pm in Campbellford, Ontario at the Churchkey Pub
  • April 6, 1pm at Moose McGuire’s in Ottawa with my BFF Greg Kelly
  • April 20, 9pm at Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield with Libby Hortop opening

Also looking for other Ottawa area (or beyond?) gigs/house concerts if you’ve got any hot leads…

I’m happy to announce that in response to popular demand, I’ve ordered a very limited supply of hard copies of the cd if that is your jam (expected to arrive mid March) reserve yours if you want one by emailing me at …

FYI: The Tuesday Night Scene is on hold for now– we will make a formal announcement soon about some changes there…

See y’all out there!

Tuesday Night Scene, February 12 w/ John Allaire and Greg Kelly

This Tuesday (February 12) we are hosting our the Tuesday Night Scene at Geronimo with featured artist John Allaire, host Bruce Enloe and guest Greg Kelly– food by Oak Valley Acres. You can find tickets here: link

Doors and food at 6:30, music at 7pm.

John Allaire is an experienced, award-winning singer/songwriter with a gift for weaving captivating musical stories. Drawing on his experiences and surroundings John’s musical repertoire includes songs with sincere, intelligent lyrics that are introspective and deeply personal, as well as tunes that are light-hearted and humourous.  

Fan favourite Greg Kelly will be joining Bruce and John in the round.