All I Want for Christmas is Covid Vaccine

Bruce Enloe- December 2020

It’s been so long since we got sent home, watched tv, gotten fat, and… uh… marinated… Oh gosh oh gee, how happy we’d be if we could only get vaccinated!

All I want for Christmas is Covid Vaccine…

It’s not a hoax – if it makes you croak, don’t take off your mask because yer feelin grouchy! In a little while… we’ll see your smile… so try to be a little more like Dr. Fauci!

Please stay cool… yes, we all hate rules… it’s not personal the problems are systemic… Stay out of trouble, stay in your bubble… And we’ll see the other side of this pandemic

We all get tired, it’s hard to stay inspired… but if yer ready for it here’s a couple tips… Just sit back… accept the facts… relax and enjoy the a-po-ca-lypse!

The right wing shoots, and the left wing loots, and the politicians all seem to ignore us… So we’ll have to stay smart… and six feet apart… and sing a harmony when we get to the chorus… All we want for Christmas is Covid vaccine…