3 Albums and a Single!

Hi Folks–

I just thought I’d loop you in on my musical progress this year as I just kinda realized it myself… I guess all this (lack of live gig…) downtime has helped me to be mildly productive after all… So, as it turns out (in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention) I have actually released 3 albums and a single this year!

First off – the single: “The New Not So Normal”

Released in June, this is the only ‘conventional’ release of the year, as in, the only one written, recorded, and released this year… In the spirit of 2020, yes, it is a little grim, but hey, I can only write I what I know ok? And don’t worry, it ends on a pretty upbeat note… (Thanks to Ben Mullin, Brad Sucks, and Doug Hendry for help with this one…)

Next — the kid music record: “The Time Machine”

Released waaay back in February, this is an assemblage of demos and home recordings of less “grown-up” sounding stuff from the the last several years that I had been collecting and sitting on… I am really proud of a few of these and my daughter loves them all… maybe you will too! Check out the title track if you need a little extra sugar in your coffee…

Next — the high school band album: NME “Naked Monkeys Eat”

This is another curation, this time of the best recordings I could find, assemble and (mildly) edit from my high-school/year-after-high-school funk-punk-pop-metal-goofball band NME… chock full of catchy toe-tappers, the song themes may be a little dated (remember when George Bush senior was an evil tyrant?) but the overall effect is pretty awesome… AAAND my friend Marshall said it reminds him of World Party… so how’s that for a pitch? Hell yeah!

And finally — the cowpunk record: Odus Krumly “Cold Beer & Hard Penis”

OK, so a group of 20-something musician dudes share a house a block away from the coldest Lone Star beer cooler in Austin, Texas in the early 90s… What do you expect? Yes, the songs are filthy, silly, cornball, and, perhaps, “overly influenced by being under the influence.” But they are also almost uniformly clever, and, sometimes, even hilarious…

So, there you have it, I’ve somehow managed to check a few boxes on the musical to-do list this year, even without much in the way of gigs or recording… Problem is… Now I’m running out of ways to procrastinate working on the new record… Wait, I know! Maybe I’ll write a post about all the ways I was actually productive this year? After all, get this… it turns out I released 3 Albums and a Single! Yeah, that’s a good one… (eye-roll) OK OK… back to work…