Post Traumatic Chef Disorder

Less cooking these days… Considering it’s most of what I’ve done… well… ever… I guess it’s going to be a bit strange… As a result of these changes, I have decided to bring all of my various other pursuits together behind one virtual door; the brand spanking new; and yes there will be some talk about my new work with local foods… and, well… some other things…

Music has always been a big part of who I am; I’ve never not written songs. I’m proud of it, I’m especially proud of the band (the Burning Sensations) that has pushed me to bring those songs to the world and the records they have helped me produce.  Check them out–listen to it, share it… buy it if you like… it’s for sale.  I expect that much of what will flow through this site will be bringing information and news about that ongoing work to the world.

And, in other Words, there’s a book in here.  No, literally.  Literally literature.  Feel free to read it– look for ‘Words’ under the menu above.  Pay for it if you like; whatever you feel… I’m just happy to have it off my hard drive and out in the world…

I don’t know what else this site will become, but I’m glad it’s here… At the moment it feels kinda like…


And that’s kind of nice…


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