Doc, there’s a Burning Sensation in my Wakefield!

KaffePosterRoad Trip! Bruce and the gang are headed for the Kaffe 1870 in the great northern reaches of Wakefield QC on Saturday, November 28 (8pm, $8)… This is our first gig in this neighbourhood, so I thought it might be a good idea to include some important medical information. Don’t worry, Wakefield, Burning Sensations are a natural side effect of super fun times; however, in some cases, symptoms may persist for more than the evening of the show; if you are experiencing these lingering symptoms, you can try sonically applying one of our cds to the troubled area, or you may also try coming to Kemptville for one of our regular Wednesday appearances… Apparently, in extreme cases, return visits to the venue where the Burning Sensations were first experienced can also be an effective salve; please consult your local music venue owner for more information on how to arrange for this treatment. If no super fun is experienced at your show, please consult a physician immediately. Or a bartender.