That went well– Let’s do it again!


We certainly enjoyed playing a set at ‘VegStock 2.0‘ last weekend– so much so that I’ve booked three more Farmers’ Markets for the month of June– The most exotic is next Saturday in…

Wait for it…

Bryan, Texas!

That’s right– I’m making a quick trip to Texas to see my folks next weekend and I thought, hey, it can’t hurt to ask, right?  My Dad shops at the Brazos Valley Farmers’ Market in Bryan, Texas nearly every Saturday; so I dropped a line to the market organizers to see if they’d enjoy a little homemade music via Kemptville, Ontario; and they said yes!  It’s just a busking gig, but I’d love to see any of my old Bryan pals if they are around– I’ll have cds for sale, and don’t forget to tip– American money is like gold to us Canadians these days; a little goes a long way!  The market is from 9am to 12 on June 11 and it is located at 500 Main street in downtown Bryan, TX USA; I will probably start at 9 and play until my guitar refuses to get any hotter…

Next stop is the Main Street Market in Ottawa on June 25– I’ll be joined there by Dr. Shawn Yakimovich on fiddle, mando and whatever other instrument he happens on… That one is from 10:30am to 1pm — Don’t miss, it’ll be a gooder!

Then Wendy’s Country Market in Lyndhurst, ON on Sunday, June 26– The one and only Ben Mullin will be joining me for that one… Which officially makes it worth the drive… Maybe even from Texas 😉  That one is at Wendy’s Country Market on Fortune Line Road in Lyndhurst–10am to 1pm…





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