Upcoming Show: January 4, The Garnet in Peterborough, ON with Mary-Kate Edwards and Shawn Yakimovich

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Warm Tunes for a Cold Winter Night –

Bruce Enloe: Enjoy crafted and crafty lyrics, heartfelt and occasionally catchy songs that ramble over genres, migrate through the minefields of sensitive subjects, and sometimes giggle through the silly side of the same… There are stories and story songs from the interesting life of the well traveled, adventure-steeped driver at the six-stringed steering wheel of your evening… Trust him, he knows the way home. bruceenloe.com

Bruce will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Yakimovich.

Mary-Kate Edwards: “With deeply personal lyrics and a soft yet intense vocal delivery, Mary-Kate has been writing music since she was five years old. As the daughter of a writer and a musician, words and music has always been a major part of Mary-Kate’s life.
“I’m a poet before I’m a musician,” she says. “I’ve been writing poetry since a really young age. It’s always something I did. My dad is a writer as well, so I was always inspired by him, and my mom is a musician.”  marykateedwards.bandcamp.com