I’m Going Back to Church!

Hi folks– I’m going back to church after all these years!  …sort of…

I am proud to be opening for my friend Keith Glass, (and his band) also known as “Prairie Oyster’s Keith Glass” on Saturday, October 20th at the Merrickville United Arts Center— aka the United Church in Merrickville (on Sundays, I presume) that has recently started hosting live music events.  I’ll be playing a solo set to open the evening featuring  songs from my upcoming album, ‘A Perfect Cliché’, and I will also likely play ‘John’ to Keith’s ‘Paul’ for a Beatles tune or two… (Keith joined me last year in The Burntles, a ‘Burning Sensations’ tribute to The Beatles)

Keith is a world class songwriter– but don’t take my word for it, he has the Junos to prove it.  Over the last few years as he has moved from the possibly less visible but certainly important supporting role (songwriter/guitarist) of his popular, award winning band Prairie Oyster to center stage as an increasingly confident, funny, engaging front man.  The songs on the new record are as strong as ever, soulful, personal, (and, I’m sure you are aware that this is high praise from me…) even Beatlesque…

Come for the music, stay for the fun!

Here’s some more info: