Last Exit – Song 3, A Perfect Cliché


In the ear of our lore, the 696 exit was a shortcut one would take to Save Time (the legendary future Time Saviours were unrequited in this story after and before themselves, sort of.  But perhaps that’s a participle some other tome.) Every buddy knows however that this Last Exit was plagued, invested even, with the ghosts of dark sergeants, kaleidoscopic creatures and passing choirs.  

This is the scene on witch, where the glorious Sindy first appeared to Geary in a fission reaction.

It was also the realm of ‘Someonehay’, or, as he was known to the inhibitants of the terra lengua, the Crown Prince of the Tongue Biters.  One would do well Not to take this route too, seriously. However, Geary was all for Not and so he plundered on.

last exit (1)