Marlborough Man…

Hi y’all — I will be fillin’ in for Dylan hosting the open mic and playing tunes at the Marlborough Pub this evening…

~Marlborough Pub, 8pm-11pm, June 6 — 2364 Roger Stevens Dr, North Gower, ON K0A 2T0

If you are in the Carp neck of the woods, I will be at the Carp Farmers’ Market from 9am to 12pm as part of my FM Troubadour series — stop by, say hi and enjoy all the local vittles!

~Carp Farmers’ Market, 9am to noon, 3790 Carp Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0

And here’s an old poster because… old poster?


One thought on “Marlborough Man…

  1. You don’t look at all like Dylan, but I guess you’ll do! … If you bring the Accordion with you, I’ll take it off your hands and finally distribute it where I thought that I would give it away last year. See you later, Bruce! .. db


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