A Perfect Cliché – Part Three (title track cont’d)

And after all the fists, I’m in a barrister report.  Geary was just another little ploy who wished connection got deflection and gave reflection, as seen on television.  I’m sorry to say it was all for Not.

perfect cliché - part three


Wind Telephone – Song 9, A Perfect Cliché

This is the sheen where the Nother Friends are stolen by the November Wends.  Bummer.

Wind Telephone and the dusted settled, the cage broke open and the Better Bread Winner appeared all in an instant coffee pot to pass on, Magnanimous!  Belligerent! Bespoke! And the wind cried a merry little crispiness to all and to all a good Not!

wind telephone

The Crown Prince of the Tongue-Biters – A Perfect Cliché, Song 8

In the darks of shadowy land, The Crown Prince of The Tongue-Biters, how and ever, came to believe in the need to destroy all monsters, inc., up to and including Geary, the monstrous of them all! He built a cage in which for Geary, our Donkey Hotey, and in this, ass hutch, he also did built the mighty robot Better Bread Winner with the intentional miscalculating before the fall.  

the crown prince of the tongue-biters (2)