Kemptville Farmers’ Market Oct 13 – and here’s an old Mark Ettinger poster to grab your attention!

Hi folks — happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend… or… as we call it in Canada, “Thanksgiving”.

I will be the musical guest at this Sunday’s Farmers’ Market in Kemptville, playing from 1-3pm… Located in downtown Kemptville in the B&H lot, or, if you are like me and can’t get 2 blocks without using Google Maps, at 200 Sanders St. Kemptville, ON

In honour of October I will likely play my scarily accurate cover of Michael Jackson’s monster hit “Thriller” (‘monster’ hit, heh heh…) or, possibly, not…

To be clear, the ‘Thriller’ thing is a joke– I did cover it once, but ‘scarily accurate’ is not how I would describe my attempt… It’s way more likely that I’ll do a bunch of Lennon songs in honour of his recent birthday, and a bunch of happy fun market tunes that I’ve accumulated playing all the various and sundry markets in the region this season…

Either way — here’s a poster from the mind of my pal Mark Ettinger, one of a series of 12 different movie themed posters he made for a single show we played back in ’16 or so when I had that venue place…

Hope to see you at the market!


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