Do you live in Ottawa? Hamilton? Toronto?


Do you live in Ottawa? If so, come see me for FREE as part of Marvest — the CityFolk festival’s answer to SXSW — I’m playing two showcases:

Sept. 14, 1:30-2pm at BMO Lansdowne, 100 Marche Way #106 — that’s right, a bank!

Sept. 14, 3-3:30pm at Cabana’s Kitchen, 873 Bank Street, that’s right, on a street named bank!

How about Hamilton, Ontario? Do you live in Hamilton?

Sept. 28, 7-9pm, The Casbah (Lounge) w/ Low Country Hill


Sept. 29, 5-7pm, Tranzac Southern Cross, w/ Low Country Hill

Anywhere else? I got nothing… For now! Better make a plan!

For those missing the FMT newsletter, apologies… it’s been an odd few weeks, remind me to tell you about it sometime… Amazing odd, if yer wondering… Love to all, see you out there…


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