April 6: Bruce at Moose


Hi Folks!

Next Saturday (April 6) I am playing with Greg Kelly for the first time in way too long at his super fun Saturday songwriter’s showcase, Tunes after Noon, presented at Moose McGuire’s pub… If you are in Ottawa and want to hear some live stuff in a listening room, this could be the moment! I will have copies of the latest cd, A Perfect Cliché, on hand for those who are interested.

April 6 – 1-3pm, Tunes after Noon, Moose McGuire’s pub:
3320 McCarthy Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 0X3

photo credit Brian Cote — This is me and Greg a few years back… After seeing this photo, we briefly considered starting a band called ‘Objects in Mirrors’ 😉

Also coming up– April 20 is a show in Wakefield at Kaffe 1870– Doug Hendry and his pal Libby Hortop are joining me for that one — here is a graphic for that that I spent way too much time on:

There are a number of Farmers’ Markets dates starting to roll in… just check out the calendar on the website if you are curious about those; I am starting to settle on some ideas for a blog series doing ‘reviews’ of each of the market gigs with a story, a song and a recipe for each date… it will be an email based blog so if you would like to join up, send me your email address here to subscribe: bruceenloemusic@gmail.com