Weekly Spotify Playlist: “Indie”

This is my weekly deep dive Spotify Playlist where I pick a genre or theme and build a playlist that explores full albums that fit the theme best in my entirely subjective opinion… This week it’s “Indie” a broad (and occasionally inaccurate) name for a pile of stylistically diverse music from the late 90s through the early Aughts characterized by production that was at once both lush and homemade, usually with sensitive lyrics, melancholy themes… You could think of it as ‘early Pitchfork’ or ‘Garden State’ music… I think of it as ‘Mod Lang’ or ‘Aquarius’ music as those are the record stores in the San Francisco area where I spent entirely too much of my paycheque on most of these cds… I dug back into my earliest introductions that fit the theme like Sebadoh (‘Just Give Me Indie Rock!’) and Guided by Voices and tried to deliver a cross section of my favourite albums that fit the mould up through late additions like Sufjan Stephen’s ‘Illinois’… Click here and shuffle away!