Weekly Spotify Playlist: “good lyrics”

This is my weekly deep dive Spotify Playlist where I pick a genre or theme and build a playlist that explores full albums that fit the theme best in my entirely subjective opinion… This week it’s “Good Lyrics” – a pile of albums that exemplify probably my favourite part of any song– the wordy-word part… You will find the obvious Cohen, Dylan, Mitchell and Simon here but also some worthy (slightly) lesser knowns like Robyn Hitchcock, Dan Bejar and Isbell. Some made the cut for their wit, some for their storytelling prowess, all of them are here because they get better and better the more you listen. This is a headphone worthy selection, not necessarily background music for the party– and some of my lesser known local faves like Jon Brooks, Brock Zeman or Andy McGaw really deserve their own playlist– (maybe next week?) but either way; this is a good head full of words worth repeating– Click here and shuffle away!