Weekly Spotify Playlist: “Power Pop-tastic”

This is my weekly deep dive Spotify Playlist where I pick a genre or theme and build a playlist that explores full albums that fit the theme best in my entirely subjective opinion… This week it’s “Power Pop-tastic” with a broad multi-generational selection of albums and even whole catalogs of bands that fit into what I believe to be the ‘power pop’ mould. Power Pop is often described as an homage or even a pastiche of styles forged primarily by the uptempo era of the Beatles or similar acts like The Who… high harmonies, creative chord choices and chord progressions, positive lyrics with occasionally saccharine or simplistic themes are some of its hallmarks– it tends to be naive and fun music; self aware, usually, and often joyous to the point of ecstatic. Big Star, Wings, Raspberries and Badfinger define the music at its prime in the early 70s and all of those rockers are certainly included here– but this is a deep dive, remember? You will also find lesser known purveyors of the form like Shoes, The Feelies, The Nerves, The Romantics and even more modern acts like Fountains of Wayne, The New Pornographers, Weezer and more– Are you looking for an uptempo playlist with tons of both favourites and some great new discoveries? Click here and shuffle away!