Weekly Spotify Playlist : “Ontario”

Fellow Music Nerds! Let’s start a discussion– who did I forget? Who should I forget? This is my weekly deep dive Spotify Playlist where I pick a genre or theme and build a playlist that explores full albums that fit the theme best in my entirely subjective opinion… This week’s theme is “Ontario” — I’ve been a proud resident of this province for more than a decade now; and a fan of its musical output for much, much longer. This collection draws heavily on my years booking music at the Branch Restaurant and becoming a fan and friend to many of those featured in this mix. There are many discoveries to make here– and I included some obvious stuff as well; but only if I felt it fit the mood… And there is definitely a mood. You should listen and tell me what you think, but I think it’s shockingly one of the most coherent mixes yet — even as it leaps through genres, it still sounds like, well, Ontario– big, beautiful, funny, smart, introspective, and always cool… Click here and shuffle away!